Rare birds in Morocco: 20th report of the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee

The 20th report of the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee (MRBC) has just been published. In 2014, the MRBC examined 109 new records of which 92 were accepted including four species new to Morocco:

  • Long-tailed Duck / Harelde boréale (Clangula hyemalis): seen at Oualidia in June 2014. This is also the first record for mainland Africa.
  • Upland Sandpiper / Bartramie des champs (Bartramia longicauda): seen near Dakhla in October 2013.
  • Senegal Parrot / Youyou du Sénégal (Poicephalus senegalus): seen at Mahammadia since 2011, without a doubt escaped from captivity.
  • White-throated Bee-eater / Guêpier à gorge blanche (Merops albicollis): seen at Gleb Jdiane, near Dakhla in December 2013. This is also the first record for the Western Palearctic.

The full report:

Bergier P., Franchimont J. & CHM. (2015). Les oiseaux rares au Maroc. Rapport de la Commission d’Homologation Marocaine, Numéro 20 (2014). Go-South Bulletin 12: 1–23. PDF.

Click here to read the summary (and download the PDFs) of the recent MRBC reports.

Sudan Golden Sparrow (Passer luteus), Oued Jenna, Aousserd, southern Morocco
Sudan Golden Sparrow (Passer luteus) and Desert Sparrow (Passer simplex), Oued Jenna, Aousserd, southern Morocco, 4 March 2014 (Jorrit Vlot). This mega-rarity in the Western Palearctic is becoming more regular at Aousserd.

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