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Migration of the Spanish Imperial Eagle to Africa in 2017

Dispersion and overwintering of Spanish Imperial Eagles (Aquila adalberti) in Morocco and northern Africa in general is becoming regular and in relatively good numbers (for an endangered ‘sedentary’ species). As in previous years, this autumn at least 4 eagles crossed the Strait of Gibraltar to North Africa. We say “at least” because not every bird… Read More »

Satellite-tracked Bonelli’s Eagles wintering in Africa for the first time

The recent detection of two young Bonelli’s Eagles (Aquila fasciata) crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco (one has even crossed the Sahara desert) shows an unknown dispersive movement in this species. It is one more example that confirms the importance of North Africa to the Iberian raptors.   The Bonelli’s Eagle is usually resident across… Read More »

Spanish Imperial Eagle: recovering space beyond borders

Tracking Spanish Imperial Eagles with GPS-GSM transmitters brings to light perhaps a more common than previously thought movements. In 2015, six young Spanish Imperial Eagles (Aquila adalberti) visited North Africa from Andalusia. A recent article by researchers from the Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC) and the Government of Andalusia explored the subject of these eagles’ movements… Read More »

Satellite-tracked White Stork found dead near Tangier

A White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) tracked by satellite by German ornithologists found dead just south of Asilah, northern Morocco. The good news is that the satellite transmitter was found in good condition. Here is the story of the White Stork’s death and how the transmitter was found. On 26 November 2013, Brigitta Keeves from the office of Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski… Read More »

North Africa as a summer staging area of non-breeding Short-toed Snake Eagles

The importance of data on the non-breeding fraction of a bird population for understanding demography and for determining conservation strategies is well recognized, especially in long-lived species such as raptors. Short-toed Snake Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) is a migratory raptor that breeds in Europe and northern Africa, and spends the winter in sub-Saharan Africa. Nine Short-toed… Read More »