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Dunn’s Lark at Merzouga and other rare birds

Some rare birds observed recently in different regions of Morocco: Isabelline Shrike, Lesser Flamingo, African Dunn’s Lark, Golden Nightjar and Sudan Golden Sparrow. African Dunn’s Lark (Eremalauda dunni) Dunn’s Larks were discovered near Merzouga in 2010 and stayed there until 2012. After an absence of nearly 7 years, the species reappeared in the area again.… Read More »

Big flock of Sudan Golden Sparrow at Tamanrasset, Algeria

A big flock of Sudan Golden Sparrow (Passer luteus) was photographed a few days ago in the Tamanrasset region, southern Algeria (Soufyane Bekkouche). A Blue-naped Mousebird (Urocolius macrourus) was also photographed in the same area. The birds were photographed at a village in the Tin-Zaouten district, located in the south of Tamanghasset province. The village… Read More »

Sudan Golden Sparrow at Aousserd in 2017

At least one male Sudan Golden Sparrow (Passer luteus) observed yesterday by a group of Dutch birders (Gonny van Dalfsen, Larissa Bakker, Nico Omlo…) at Oued Jenna, Aousserd (photo 1). To my knowledge, last year there was only one observation of Sudan Golden Sparrow in Aousserd: a juvenil bird photographed by Peter Stronach and Bob Swann during the same birding… Read More »

4 Golden Nightjars at Oued Jenna, Aousserd: detailed report

Excellent observations in the Western Sahara, southern Morocco. Peter Stronach and Bob Swann have just returned back from a birding trip to the region. They recorded Golden Nightjars and provided valuable details indicating the (highly probable) breeding of the species in the region. They also recorded a Sudan Golden Sparrow at Oued Jenna (first observation… Read More »

Sudan Golden Sparrow at Bir Anzarane, southern Morocco

A male Sudan Golden Sparrow (Passer luteus) was photographed yesterday at a drinking site near Bir Anzarane, about 140 Km north-east of Dakhla, Oued Dahab region. The species was recorded during a scientific trip coordinated by the Association Nature Initiative (A.N.I). Abdeljebbar Qninba first saw and identified the species, Abdelaziz Benhoussa, Mohamed Ibn Tattou, Mohamed Laghdaf Khayya,… Read More »