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Barbary macaques and vultures at Jbel Moussa, northern Morocco

Jbel Moussa is known as a good point for observing bird migration crossing the Strait of Gibraltar between Africa and Europe. But it’s also known for its colony of the endangered Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus). The macaques inhabit the inaccessible parts of Jbel Moussa, but can easily be observed from the western and southern sides… Read More »

A serval photographed in the Middle Atlas

A serval (Leptailurus serval) was sighted and photographed in the Middle Atlas in April 2014. This is reportedly the first photo of this animal in the wild in Morocco. The observation was made by an amateur hiker named Salim Meghni. In the IUCN Red List of the species, Jdeidi et al. (2010) wrote: “North of… Read More »

La chasse des espèces protégées continue

Suite à la publication des photos d’un Vautour fauve abattu par des “chasseurs” dans le blog la semaine dernière, notre ami Mohamed Larbi El Jebari a lancé l’appel suivant, soulignant l’importance de la sensibilisation des chasseurs ainsi que l’application de l’examen du permis de chasse: “C’est vraiment malheureux que la majorité absolue des chasseurs marocains… Read More »

African Wolf discovered in Morocco and Algeria

A group of researchers led by Vicente Urios from the University of Alicante has announced the discovery of the African Wolf (Canis lupus lupaster) in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The wolves were captured by camera-trap since a year and a half ago. The full report of this discovery will be published in the next issue… Read More »