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Barbary macaques burnt alive by Algeria wildfires

Over the past week, hundreds of wildfires have been ravaging several areas in Algeria. Hundreds of hectares of forest and private properties have been ravaged across several wilayas (provinces) of the centre-north and east, but the region of Kabylie remains one of the most affected areas. In part of that region, the Bouira province “dozens… Read More »

Barbary macaques and vultures at Jbel Moussa, Morocco

Jbel Moussa is known as a good point for observing bird migration crossing the Strait of Gibraltar between Africa and Europe. But it’s also known for its colony of the endangered Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus). The macaques inhabit the inaccessible parts of Jbel Moussa, but can easily be observed from the western and southern sides… Read More »