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Huge number of wild-caught falcons held in captivity (video)

A video showing huge number of falcons – mainly Lanners (Falco biarmicus) – held in captivity in what appears to be a desertic area (note the color and texture of the tent cover) was shared recently in a Libyan facebook group dedicated to hunting. The video was shared by someone using a pseudonym and claims… Read More »

Two Egyptian Vultures released in Italy shot and poisoned during migration

Two captive-bred Egyptian Vultures (Neophron percnopterus) released in southern Italy last August died shortly after they started their migration. One bird shot dead by an illegal hunter in western Sicily, while the other died two days after it arrived to Tunisia, probably poisoned. The Egyptian Vulture in Italy: Egyptian Vulture numbers have decreased by more… Read More »

Satellite-tracked Montagu’s Harrier shot dead in Morocco

Un Busard cendré (Circus pygargus) suivi par balise GPS de la France est trouvé mort au Maroc, probablement abattu par des braconniers. Continuer la lecture au-dessous de la première image. A Montagu’s Harrier satellite-tracked by the Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé and partners in Deux-Sèvres, west of France is found dead in Morocco. The Montagu’s… Read More »

Rare falcons rescued from poachers in Morocco

About two years ago Karim Rousselon shared with us the story of how a Swedish Peregrine Falcon was rescued from poachers at Casablanca. The same story happened again last November with a Peregrine Falcon from Finland and a Saker Falcon. This account is based on the report by K. Rousselon and his co-authors published today.… Read More »

صيادون يقتلون النسر الأسمر المحمي بالقانون في شمال المغرب

مرة أخرى النسر الأسمر يقع ضحية صياد جاهل ومغرور. لمذا قتل؟ هل يؤكل كما يؤكل الحجل مثلاً، أم أنه طائر ضار قد أضر بالفلاحة وما إلى ذلك؟ لا ثم لا. هذا الطائر و جميع انواع النسور الاخرى تتغذى على الجيف، أي على العكس تماما تقوم بتنظيف الطبيعة من بقايا الحيوانات الميتة وبهذا تحد من إنتشارالأمراض… Read More »

Swedish Peregrine rescued from poachers at Casablanca, Morocco

A 3-year old male Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) ringed in Sweden was captured in south of Casablanca by poachers on 18 December 2015. It was released by Karim Rousselon after negotiations with the captors. The information has been transmitted to the Swedish Bird Ringing Centre. Un Faucon mâle pèlerin d’origine suédoise de 3 ans capturé… Read More »

Dutch-ringed Spoonbill shot dead in Morocco

A Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) most likely ringed in the Netherlands (with yellow flag and other colour-rings) was shot by a hunter from Kenitra according to the information in his facebook account (the photo was shared on 7 July). This photo was not taken in Malta, Cyprus or in the Middle East. No. The hunter is… Read More »

Vautour fauve abattu par un chasseur au Maroc

Un Vautour fauve a été abattu par un chasseur probablement dans la région du étroit du Gibraltar. Taoufik Mazouzi‎ qui s’est indigné par l’acte de ce chasseur a partagé cette capture d’écran le 19 novembre 2014. La photo originale a été publiée par le chasseur vers la fin d’octobre, en plein période de la migration… Read More »

Commerce illégal des oiseaux sauvages sur Internet (Avito.ma)

Le site-web Avito.ma permet aux braconniers d’annoncer et de vendre des oiseaux sauvages en utilisant leur plateforme. Parce que tous les rapaces et autres oiseaux sont protégés par la loi marocaine, ce commerce illégal des oiseaux sauvages est une infraction criminelle. Le site Avito.ma (et tout autre site-web similaire) sont autant responsable que les braconniers/annonceurs:… Read More »