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Presumed ‘Cinnamon Teal x Shoveler hybrid’ at Merzouga lake, Morocco

A presumed Cinnamon Teal x Shoveler hybrid (Spatula cyanoptera x S. clypeata) photographed at Dayet Srij near Merzouga, south-eastern Morocco. The bird was found by Frieder Klöpfer and Laura Lüdtke on 3 March 2019 and reported by Marc Illa. The desert lake is full of water and birds. About 500 Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) and… Read More »

North African Buzzard is not a Long-legged but an allospecies of Common Buzzard

The Atlas Long-legged Buzzard is more closely related to Common Buzzard than to Long-legged Buzzard according to a new study. The taxon cirtensis should be treated therefore as an allospecies of the Common Buzzard superspecies. La Buse du Maghreb est une alloespèce de la Buse variable Selon cette étude, la Buse du Maghreb (cirtensis) est… Read More »

Is this a Ruddy Duck x White-headed Duck hybrid?

Abdelhak Elbanak photographed this stiff-tailed duck earlier this month at the lake of Sidi Boughaba which he originally identified as a Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis). But upon looking at the photo more closely, I think it could be a Ruddy Duck x White-headed Duck hybrid. This bird has different characteristics that can be found in… Read More »

Gibraltar Buzzard: status and identification

Interesting news posted by Dick Forsman following his short visit to the Moroccan side of the Strait of Gibraltar this month with Javier Elorriaga and Antonio-Roman Muñoz from Fundación Migrés. The aim of this visit was to study the enigmatic “Gibraltar buzzard” which occurs in the areas around the Strait. D. Forsman commented: Javier Elorriaga… Read More »

Probable breeding of Western Reef Heron at Essaouira, Morocco

Probable hybridisation between Western Reef Heron and Little Egret at Essaouira islands on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The long-staying dark morph Western Reef Heron (Egretta gularis) at Essaouira and Oued Ksob estuary (photo 1) has probably hybridised with a Little Egret (E. garzetta) at the Mogador archipelago. This probable case of hybridisation was observed… Read More »

Status of Kelp Gull in Morocco and the Western Palearctic

Cape Gull – the African subspecies of the widespread Kelp Gull – does not breed at Khnifiss Lagoon, Morocco, as reported earlier by Bergier et al. (2009). A thorough analysis by Olof Jönsson of the available photographs showed that the large, dark-backed gulls breeding at Khnifiss are, in fact, Great Black-backed Gulls. This is the… Read More »