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Identification of Kordofan Lark: a potential vagrant to Western Palearctic

Kordofan Lark (Mirafra cordofanica). The name sounds familiar to Western Palearctic birders because until recently the species was included in the WP list. However, Crochet & Haas (2013) suggested that the species should be deleted. Here is a (slightly edited) quote from this article: The distribution of Kordofan Lark as shown in Snow & Perrins… Read More »

What is the ID and status of “long-billed” Crested Larks at Aousserd?

Based on the study of Guillaumet et al. (2005, 2006 and 2008), the IOC Checklist (Gill & Donsker 2018) split Maghreb Lark (Galerida macrorhyncha) from Crested Lark (G. cristata) in 2009. Two subspecies of Maghreb Lark are known: macrorhyncha in south-east Morocco and north-west Algeria south of the Saharan Atlas, and randonii in Hauts Plateaux of… Read More »

Horned Lark taxonomy: possible split into six species

A recent study suggested splitting the Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestris) into six different species: one Nearctic and five Palearctic including the Moroccan endemic taxon (atlas). Widespread species with many subspecies: The Horned Lark is a widely distributed passerine across North America and Eurasia, with two isolated populations in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Colombia… Read More »