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Spring raptor migration at Jbel Moussa in 2017 (report)

Census of vultures and other raptors in the 2017 prenuptial migration on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, Jbel Moussa – Morocco During the spring migration of 2017 at Jbel Moussa, and depending on the prevailing weather conditions and in particular with moderate westerlies, the census was carried out during 64 days from… Read More »

Spring migration census of raptors at Jbel Moussa in 2016 (report)

Census of vultures and other raptors during the prenuptial migration 2016 on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, Jbel Moussa – Morocco. During 68 days between 22 February and 20 August 2016, more than 24000 birds belonging to 20 species were counted on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, in particular… Read More »

Spanish Imperial Eagle at Rissani, eastern Morocco

A Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) photographed and recorded in video in the Rissani region, eastern Sahara by Deirdre Robinson on 15 March 2016. The eagle was initially perched on post with wide white wing patches visible, soared over rocky desert for several minutes with good views of white leading edge of wings. Deirdre was in… Read More »

Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina) at Jbel Moussa

Observation of a 2cy Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina) at Jbel Moussa today at 1:47 p.m by Rachid El Khamlichi (photo 1). This is the fourth record of the species in Morocco. The first one was observed at Merzouga in April 1996 by P.-A. Crochet et al. (Bergier et al. 1997), the second observed at Punta Cires near… Read More »

Spring vulture migration at Jbel Moussa, May 2016

A summary of raptor migration observations during three days in May 2016 at Jbel Moussa (with emphasis on vultures): 2 May: A Rüppell’s Vulture (Gyps rueppelli) was photographed with a flock of 32 Griffon Vultures (G. fulvus) by Rachid El Khamlichi (photo 1). This is the second bird for spring 2016, the first one observed… Read More »

Spanish Imperial Eagle at Jbel Moussa

A Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) was photographed just south of Jbel Moussa on 27 April 2016 by Rachid El Khamlichi. The bird was flying north towards the Strait of Gibraltar when seen. It’s a 2nd calendar-year bird (born in 2015) like the six Spanish Imperial Eagles tracked with GPS-GSM transmitters from Andalusia and which all visited… Read More »

Electrocution of Spanish Imperial, Bonelli’s and Golden eagles at Guelmim

We announced here last month that a satellite-tracked Spanish Imperial Eagles (Aquila adalberti) did not move from a single point located at Guelmim, Morocco and we suspected that it may have been dead (or the transmitter was lost). Our friend Ali Irizi with two technicians (Abdallah Errati and Hicham Loran) from the Forestry Administration (HCEFLCD)… Read More »

Prey availability and electricity pylons: a lethal mix for eagles

Guelmim region is one of the most frequented areas by dispersing/wintering young Spanish Imperial Eagles (Aquila adalberti) in Morocco. In this region, they share the space and the resources with another Mediterranean raptor, the Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata) which is abundant in this area outside the breeding season. The first two photos show a Bonelli’s… Read More »