Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla) at Ceuta

A Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla) captured and ringed at Ceuta on 7 November 2017 by the Chagra Ringing Group. The first record for the city of this northern species. In Morocco, there are only two confirmed records: one captured and ringed at Souss-Massa National Park in October 2013 (Ramírez et al. 2013), and another photographed… Read More »

Olive-backed Pipits (Anthus hodgsoni) at Rabat

At least two Olive-backed Pipits (Anthus hodgsoni) were found at Rabat on 5 November 2017 by Pedro Fernandes. This is the 6th record for Morocco. Au moins deux – peut-être trois – Pipits à dos olive dans le Jardin d’Essais Botanique à Rabat le 5 novembre 2017 (Pedro Fernandes). C’est la 6ème mention pour le… Read More »