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Rare Western Palearctic birds found in Northwest Africa: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Potential vagrants to the WP from adjacent areas are sometimes also included here (e.g. Kordofan Lark, Horus Swift,…). In short, all ‘mega rarities’ are filed under this category, other birding news and national rarities can be found under each country.

First record of Jacobin Cuckoo for North Africa

Two Jacobin Cuckoos at Tamanrasset in October 2019. It’s the first record for Algeria and North Africa. Jacobin or Pied Cuckoo (Clamator jacobinus) is distributed in Africa south of the Sahara and in India and Sri Lanka (HBW Alive). It’s very rare in the Western Palearctic region (WP). Members of the Association EcoCirta encountered this… Read More »

Black Scrub Robin at Tamanrasset, Algeria

Black Scrub Robin (Cercotrichas podobe) photographed in Tamanrasset region, southern Algeria. Un Agrobate podobé photographié dans la région de Tamanrasset au sud de l’Algérie le 3 mai 2019. C’est la deuxième ou troisième observation pour le pays. A Black Scrub Robin was photographed by Soufyane Bekkouche in the Tamanrasset region on 3 May 2019. This… Read More »

White-rumped Seedeater: first for Algeria and Western Palearctic

White-rumped Seedeater observed at Tamanrasset, southern Algeria. This is the first record of the species for the country and the Western Palearctic. En décembre 2019, un groupe d’ornithologues de terrain algérien a découvert le Serin à croupion blanc à Tamanrasset (les noms cités ci-dessous). Plus important encore, l’équipe a observé un adulte nourrissant un jeune… Read More »

Birding Algeria trip report: from Algerian Nuthatch to African Silverbill

In March 2019, three birders – Peter Stronach, Bob Swann and Sam Viles – visited northern Algeria and the region of Tamanrraset in the south. The aim was to see the three most wanted species from the Western Palearctic birders’ perspective. Below is a summary of the main visited sites and key species. The full… Read More »

Dunn’s Lark at Merzouga and other rare birds

Some rare birds observed recently in different regions of Morocco: Isabelline Shrike, Lesser Flamingo, African Dunn’s Lark, Golden Nightjar and Sudan Golden Sparrow. African Dunn’s Lark (Eremalauda dunni) Dunn’s Larks were discovered near Merzouga in 2010 and stayed there until 2012. After an absence of nearly 7 years, the species reappeared in the area again.… Read More »

Breeding of Golden Nightjar in Western Sahara confirmed

Breeding of Golden Nightjar (Caprimulgus eximius) at Aousserd finally confirmed. An adult protecting two young found at Oued Chiaf located some 55 km NNW of Aousserd on the evening of 17 March 2019. The breeding was discovered by a German birding group during an organised trip guided by Mohamed Lamine Samlali and other guides. Two… Read More »

Tawny Eagle (Aquila rapax) in north-west Algeria

There were no documented breeding of the Tawny Eagle (Aquila rapax) anywhere in Northwest Africa since many years. In Morocco and Algeria for example, the last known breeding pairs date back to the early 1990s. Despite this lack of observations, the species may still breeds in some isolated places. And the recent observations in Algeria… Read More »