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Subalpine Warbler split into three species

The Subalpine Warbler complex (sensu lato) is a polytypic species, but the number of ‘subspecies’ considered as valid changed over time. Until the 1990s, only three subspecies were recognised: 1) the nominate S. c. cantillans in Iberia, southern France and Italy, plus the birds breeding in the Western Mediterranean islands were also considered to belong… Read More »

Maghreb Wheatear should be split according to new research

A new phylogenetic study of the Mourning Wheatear complex confirmed its split into three different species. Concerning the Maghreb Wheatear, which is already given species status by some authors, the new study hinted that it should be split too. The Mourning Wheatear (Oenanthe lugens) senso lato is distributed in North Africa, East Africa, the Levant, Iran and… Read More »

Gibraltar Buzzard: status and identification

Interesting news posted by Dick Forsman following his short visit to the Moroccan side of the Strait of Gibraltar this month with Javier Elorriaga and Antonio-Roman Muñoz from Fundación Migrés. The aim of this visit was to study the enigmatic “Gibraltar buzzard” which occurs in the areas around the Strait. D. Forsman commented: Javier Elorriaga… Read More »

African Crimson-winged Finch: a new endemic species

The Crimson-winged Finch (Rhodopechys sanguineus) sensu lato consists of two distinct taxa, alienus in Northwest Africa and sanguineus in the Middle East, Turkey, Caucasus, Central Asia and north-west China. The split of this taxon into two separate species, African Crimson-winged Finch (Rhodopechys alienus) and Asian Crimson-winged Finch (R. sanguineus), was first proposed by Kirwan et… Read More »

Barbary Falcon plumage variation in the Canary Islands

An article about variation of plumage coloration of Barbary Falcons in the Canary Islands has been published recently in the Bulletin of British Ornithologists’ Club. This paper has implications for Moroccan and North African falcons as well, e.g. hybrids – both natural and those related to escaped falconry birds, the ‘atlantis’ form of the Peregrine… Read More »