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Spring migration census of raptors at Jbel Moussa, Morocco, in 2016 (report)

Census of vultures and other raptors during the prenuptial migration 2016 on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, Jbel Moussa – Morocco Between 22 February and 20 August 2016, the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, in particular Jbel Moussa and its surroundings, experienced an important passage of soaring birds belonging to… Read More »

Moroccan Birds Blog is MaghrebOrnitho now: Welcome

Moroccan Birds blog ( has been around since late 2010, now we thought it is time to move it from blogspot. So the objective of this first post is to announce this and to welcome you to the renamed new blog: MaghrebOrnitho. We want also to inform the many followers of the Moroccan Birds blog of the change in… Read More »

Rare birds in Morocco: 21st report of the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee

The report of the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee (MRBC) for the year 2015 has just been published. During that period, the MRBC examined 124 new records of which 112 were accepted. The report included the first Moroccan records of three species: White-backed Vulture (Gyps africanus), it’s also the 4th for the Western Palearctic, seen at… Read More »

نسور أفريقيا تنزلق نحو الانقراض يحذر الاتحاد الدولي للحفاظ على الطبيعة

حذرت جمعية الطيور العالميَّة و الاتحاد الدولي للحفاظ على الطبيعة في التحديث الأخير للقائمة الحمراء للأنواع المهددة بالانقراض بأن نسور أفريقيا تنزلق نحو الانقراضستة من أصل إحدى عشر نوع من نسور أفريقيا هي الآن في خطر أعلى للانقراض، وفقا لأحدث تقييم للطيور الذي تقوم به منظمة حياة الطيور الدولية وتم ادراجه في القائمة الحمراء للأنواع… Read More »

African vultures are heading towards extinction, a study warns

An international team of researchers from across Africa, Europe and North America have published the first estimates of decline rates in African vultures on the continent. Their findings suggest that African vultures are likely to qualify as ‘Critically Endangered’ under the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s global threat criteria. The study which was published… Read More »

Les vautours africains diminuent de façon critique, avertit une étude

Une étude suggère que les vautours africains sont en voie d’extinction.Une équipe internationale de chercheurs, dont des scientifiques de renom du Peregrine Fund, de l’ Endangered Wildlife Trust, l’Université de Makerere et l’Université Altera de Wageningen, avertit que les vautours africains sont susceptibles de se qualifier comme « en danger critique d’extinction » d’après les… Read More »

Rare birds in Morocco: 20th report of the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee

The 20th report of the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee has just been published. In 2014, MRBC examined 109 new records of which 92 were accepted including four species new to Morocco: Long-tailed Duck – Harelde boréale (Clangula hyemalis): seen at Oualidia in June 2014. This is also the first record for mainland Africa. Upland Sandpiper – Bartramie des… Read More »

Association Nationale Algérienne d’Ornithologie

The Algerian National Association of Ornithology (ANAO) is a new ornithological society in Northwest Africa (Maghreb region). it was created during the 2nd International Symposium on “Algerian Ornithology at the Dawn of the 3rd Millennium”, which was held between 17 and 19 November 2012 at the Larbi Ben M’hidi University, Oum El-Bouaghi, Algeria. We would… Read More »

Field ornithologist Rachid El Khamlichi

Rachid El Khamlichi is an avid wildlife enthusiast and ornithologist who have a keen interest in the birds and wildlife of Morocco and especially of the Rif Mountains in the north. He is an active member of associations in both shores of the Straight of Gibraltar: COCN (Colectivo Ornitologico Cigueña Negra, Tarifa, Spain) and ADEMN… Read More »

Association Nature Initiative (A.N.I), Dakhla

The Association Nature Initiative (A.N.I.) is an NGO based at Dakhla created on 5 June 2003. Its main activities are dedicated to the promotion of the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, sustainable development, ecotourism and eco-citizenship in the Region of Oued Dahab, southern Morocco. For more detailed information about the association and its activities… Read More »