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Big flock of Sudan Golden Sparrow at Tamanrasset, Algeria

A big flock of Sudan Golden Sparrow (Passer luteus) was photographed a few days ago in the Tamanrasset region, southern Algeria (Soufyane Bekkouche). A Blue-naped Mousebird (Urocolius macrourus) was also photographed in the same area. The birds were photographed at a village in the Tin-Zaouten district, located in the south of Tamanghasset province. The village… Read More »

Tawny Eagle (Aquila rapax) in north-east Algeria

This large eagle was photographed this week in north-east Algeria by Mourad Harzallah (a very good naturalist and a local ecotourism guide). The photographer said the eagle was much bigger than the Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata), and some of the photos below also attest this. Several people in a FB group suggested that it’s a… Read More »

The Algerian Nuthatch twitch: easier than you think

The Algerian Nuthatch (Sitta ledanti) is a dream species for every Western Palearctic birder, especially so since the 1990s with the start of what they call in Algeria the “Black Decade”. However, although the security situation in the whole country has improved greatly since many years now, many WP birders still hesitating to visit Algeria… Read More »

Expansion of Red-billed Firefinch in Algeria

The Red-billed Firefinch in Algeria is expanding its range northward. This range expansion is mainly aided by human activities, but natural range expansion may have been involved as well (e.g. at Djanet and Tassili n’Ajjer region) . The Red-billed Firefinch (Lagonosticta senegala) was introduced at Tamanrasset around 1940, and also present at El-Goléa, northern Sahara, since… Read More »

Cats killing wildlife: Collared Flycatcher and Goldfinch

A cat was photographed just after he caught a Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) at Rhourde el-Baguel, Ouargla province, eastern Algeria. The scene was captured by Fethi Saadaoui on 7 April 2017. Cats are known to catch a wide variety of birds, but catching an agile bird like a flycatcher is not easy. The bird must… Read More »

La Fauvette babillarde (Sylvia curruca) en Algérie

L’aire de reproduction de la Fauvette babillarde (Sylvia curruca) s’étend depuis l’Europe occidental jusqu’à l’Asie centrale, et hiverne en Asie du Sud et en Afrique (principalement à l’est et au centre du continent). Au Maghreb, l’espèce est considérée rare (migrateur irrégulier et hivernant accidentel): En Tunisie: Isenmann et al. (2005) citent seulement deux mentions authentifiées… Read More »