Golden Nightjars at Oued Jenna, Aousserd

By MaghrebOrnitho | 7 February 2017

Three Golden Nightjars (Caprimulgus eximius) were heard calling at Oued Jenna, Aousserd by Dutch birder Norbert van de Grint two days ago (5 Feb. 2017). Norbert uploaded his record to and said photos will follow (he is still travelling).


– On 12 February, Bart van Hoogstraten and his birding colleagues heard one signing at Oued Jenna. Here is Bart’s comment: “Despite some strong wind and a loud cricket concert I was able to make a good sound recording of Golden Nightjar, in the evening of 12 February at Oued Jenna. (Later that night [13-02-’17)] I heard two birds calling). Interesting fact: everybody who hears this bird thinks it is far away but it is simply not that loud, like other species of Nightjar. They are closer than you think!”

Also on the night of 12/13 Feb., the ‘Big Year WP’ team (Erik Rask, Mårten Wikström and Claes Wikström) heard two birds calling at Oued Jenna (Sound recordings of Golden Nightjars are compiled here).

 From 26 Feb. to 2 March, Arnoud van den Berg got excellent results, here’s Arnoud’s comment:

“In a Sound Approach trip for a forthcoming publication on Moroccan birds, C & I visited for a third time Oued Jenna, Aousserd, in the south-east of Western Sahara. Every night of five days camping-out resulted in recordings of the elusive Golden Nightjar / Goudgele Nachtzwaluw (Caprimulgus eximius). In addition to the now well-known song, four other sound types were registered. The photograph concerns a male at dusk”.

On 4 March, a Golden Nightjar at Adrar Soutouf, Oued Dahab region (Dan Brown/BiOME Consulting)

One bird heard again on 21 March (Mats Dahlen and colleagues).

 Golden Nightjars at Oued Jenna on 4 April (Paul French) and on the 7th (Cantley Steve).

 Two birds – male and female – were observed on 29 April by Sander Bot and Lenze Hofstee.


Breeding of Golden Nightjar at Aousserd and the taxonomic position of the species (Lawrie et al. 2017).

Golden Nightjar / Engoulevant doré (Caprimulgus eximius), Oued Jenna, Aousserd, southern Morocco, 28 Feb. 2017 (Arnoud van den Berg / The Sound Approach)

Golden Nightjar / Engoulevant doré (Caprimulgus eximius), Oued Jenna, Aousserd, 28 Feb. 2017 (Arnoud van den Berg / The Sound Approach)

Engoulevents dorés à Oued Jenna, Aousserd

Trois Engoulevents dorés ont été observés le 5 février 2016 à Oued Jenna par le birdwatcheur néerlandais Norbert van de Grint.

Hier, il a observé aussi un troupeau de 20 Moineaux dorés dans le même site. La taille du troupeau de Moineau doré rappelle les observations faites à Bir Anzarane en 2015. D’autre part, cette dernière observation est un bon rappel à Bilal Gueroui et d’autres collègues à Djanet et dans le sud d’Algérie en général pour ouvrir les yeux.

Lire: Reproduction de l’Engoulevent doré à Aousserd et la position taxonomique de l’espèce (Lawrie et al. 2017).

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