Moroccan Birds Blog is MaghrebOrnitho now: Welcome

By MaghrebOrnitho | 20 March 2016

Moroccan Birds blog ( has been around since late 2010, now we thought it is time to move it from blogspot. So the objective of this first post is to announce this and to welcome you to the renamed new blog: MaghrebOrnitho. We want also to inform the many followers of the Moroccan Birds blog of the change in the location of the blog. We also would like to thank all the followers whatever the channel they used to follow the blog (email, RSS feed, social media…). There is a subset of followers who subscribed to the blog by email. Using email address to follow a blog means the user has trusted the managers/owners of the blog to give them an important part of their online identity: the email address. We say thank you for your trust, and want to add that we will continue to honour that trust by never using your email addresses for anything other than sending blog updates.

Important things to keep in mind for followers of the Moroccan Birds blog. Sending those blog updates (both by RSS feed and by email) was managed by feedburner (a Google service); normally you will continue to receive the updates from the renamed blog “MaghrebOrnitho” as long as feedurner is still alive. However, Google started to neglect this service since at least 2013 and there is a great chance it will be shutdown soon (Google is known to kill less used services, search ”Google graveyard” or “discontinued Google services” to find out). For this reason we recommend the following:

For email subscribers: please subscribe to this blog (using the form below) and then unsubscribe from the old blog. Note: if you don’t see “Subscribe to Blog via Email” below, then it’s likely you are using script-blocker (this is because the subscription form needs wordpress scrips to work, and the blocker block them in your browser).

For RSS subscribers: in your preferred RSS reader, please change the old RSS link by the new one:

For new users, please copy the RSS feed link and past it on your RSS reader (for feedly users just click here).

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