Vultures bathing captured by camera trap, Jbel Moussa

By MaghrebOrnitho | 10 May 2015

These Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus) were captured by camera trap set up near a water source at Jbel Moussa (northern Morocco) by Rachid El Khamlichi and Mohammed Karim El Haoua .The vultures passing through this area during migration have the privilege of drinking and bathing in clean water running from the spring (the vultures can render the water a little bit dirty (photo 2) but it gets cleaner again as soon as the vultures leave).

Egyptian Vultures (Neophron percnopterus) were also seen drinking in this spot.

See this about how vultures, Barbary macaques and cattle share the space at Jbel Moussa during migration periods.


The camera trap captured several images, and one of them showed a Griffon Vulture with a colour-ring code FMO on white background (photo 2). The vulture was ringed in the nest on 15 May 2014 in Les Grands Causses, Midi-Pyrénées, France.

Thanks to Philippe Lécuyer (LPO Grands Causses) for the life history and quick answer.


Vultures drinking and bathing captured by camera trap
Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus) drinking and bathing, Jbel Moussa, northern Morocco, 8 May 2015.
Vautour fauve (Gyps fulvus) bagué dans les Grands Causses en France le 15 mai 2014, et capturé par un piège photographique à Jbel Moussa
FMO: Vautour fauve (Gyps fulvus) bagué dans les Grands Causses en France le 15 mai 2014, et capturé par un piège photographique à Jbel Moussa (Maroc), 8 mai 2015.

As soon as we shared this in the blog, it caught the attention of Revista Quercus (a Spanish magazine specialising in environmental and wildlife news) who shared it in their social media accounts (facebook and twitter) with the following message:

CADA CUAL tiene derecho a elegir dónde y con quién se baña. Estos buitres leonados en migración chapotean en una zona encharcada de las laderas del Jebel Musa (Marruecos), al otro lado del Estrecho de Gibraltar. Gracias, Moroccan Birds, por compartir esta imagen de foto-trampeo.

Gracias Quercus!


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