Quiz: Gyps rueppelli + Gyps fulvus

By MaghrebOrnitho | 28 October 2014

These pictures of a group of about fifty vultures were taken near Ksar Sghir, northern Morocco, on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar by Adel Bouajaja in spring 2010.

We shared one picture in the facebook page of Moroccan Birds two years ago, and Javier Elorriaga commented the following: “It is difficult to confirm from this picture but the bird …. could be a Gyps rueppellii, looks too dark for a griffon. Other pictures, if available, could help. Great Work”. (I deleted the position of the bird from his comment for the sake of the quiz).

Last year when Rachid El Khamlichi was preparing for the Tétouan Birds Exhibition, he received the photographs of this group of vultures from Adel Bouajaja. Rachid did not use these pictures for the exhibition because they were too small and not suitable for printing. When looking at these pictures recently (you know we are obsessed with the vultures!), Rachid noted as well that there were Rüppell’s Vultures among the Griffon Vultures.

So the quiz is: spot the Rüppell’s Vultures (Gyps rueppellii) in these pictures? The latter are already small and could not be posted directly in Facebook, because they loose too many details (they become less than 200 Ko in size).

You can click or downland the pictures to see the details.

Photo 1 cropped (Adel Bouajaja / GREPOM)
Photo 1 original (Adel Bouajaja / GREPOM)
Photo 2 (Adel Bouajaja / GREPOM)

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